The Steps of Anfield

I’d like to put a different spin on the current LFC situation.

When Kenny rejoined LFC 16 months ago, I like many other Liverpool fans, was absolutely over the moon.  I only hoped it wouldn’t be like when Newcastle appointed Shearer to save them from the drop, which obviously never worked.  My thinking at the time was that Kenny would steady the boat and give fans something to chant about.  Then he would step aside and let another manager take over and rebuild the club.  When he stayed on the 2011/12 season, I was a little bit concerned but still happy as I am a Liverpool fan although my head was thinking that maybe it isn’t the right decision.

Up until about Christmas in the 2011/12 season, we were doing quite well, nothing spectacular but still sticking in there with an outside shot at the top four.  Then after Christmas, the arse fell out of the results in the league, and we all know the rest.  So the owners sack Kenny and everybody thinks it’s due to the poor results.  I don’t.  I believe that it was a similar plan to my original thinking, but they gave him more time that I thought to steady the ship.  Yes, we dropped down the position in the league, but we also won a cup and made three visits to Wembley giving the fans something to scream about and some hope that there is progress.

If you believe that Kenny was sacked due to poor results, the only logical step you’d see is for the owners to employ a proven manager to try and kick us into the top four and Martinez is not the right manager for that, which a lot of people are now complaining about.  But if you see it as a rebuilding exercise, it starts to make sense.  Get the fans cheering again, put a trophy in the cabinet, job done Kenny.  Then bring in a manager with massive potential and build on that over the next few seasons.  It also fits in with the type of players that have been bought into the club, with the exception of one or two needed to help with a trophy (Bellamy springs to mind).

I absolutely love King Kenny to bits, but he is not the guy to take us back to the top.  He has true old fashioned values which really sit well with Liverpool fans, but unfortunately that is not future.  It’s all about money money money these days, which is achieved by becoming a brand people love away from the one city where the club is based. People may not like it, but it’s the way it is.  You have to go global to make enough money to survive.  45,000 people at turnstiles just doesn’t cut it.

The Steps of Anfield

So, we’re not likely to be lifting the trophy every Liverpool fan wants until we rebuild the club and get a massive backbone in place so we are set for the future.  The foundations are there now, we now need to build on them which hopefully the next manager will achieve.


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