sredwoP smahceeB

What is sredwoP smahceeB?

sredwoP smahceeB is Beechams Powders in reverse.  I wanted to use something that had absolutely no results on Google and that somebody is very unlikely to search for.  I am experimenting with how Google redirects users to a result from the SERP’s and if there is any data passed to Google Analytics via that click.

So I happened to have a packed of Beechams Powders on my desk from when I had man flu last week, and there came my inspiration for sredwoP smahceeB.

Apologies to any readers, this is likely rubbish to them.  It is another experiment.

Update:- This post appeared in Google’s results less than 5 minutes after posting it.  I submitted a new sitemap via Google Webmaster tools after posting which will have helped, but I did not expect it to appear that quickly.  Interesting…

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