So Long, Cupcake!

Well I made my first actual change to the site, rather than making everything off the shelf.  It was a small change, but the cupcake had to go.   RIP Cupcake!

Yesterday saw Liverpool beaten by Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.  The less said about that the better, to be honest.  Complete joke of a performance by Liverpool until the last 30 minutes.  Typical of the last few games.  Personally, I don’t think it was a goal but I’d like to see an unbiased shot of the ball on the line.  All the ones I’ve seen so far are crappy bitmap graphics people have made.  Oh well, goal line technology is LONG overdue and I believe will be bought in in the 13/14 or 14/15 season, and not a minute too late.

Liverpool need change now.  Kenny is a great man manager but is (by his own admission) crap with the tactical side of the game.  So we either need to replace him, or get somebody to work closely with him when it comes to games like yesterday.  he didn’t have a clue how to get out of our third, apart from hoof the ball 50 yards.

I’ve not much else to type about at the minute.  Couple of reds camping my system on Eve so I can’t do anything there, I might try and bait them soon.  They are just cloaky tarts.

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