Orange – Liars and Cheats

I have been with Orange for about 4 years now.  I have two contract phones with them.  Recently my Motorola Atrix started playing up and eventually wouldn’t turn on.  I was due an upgrade in April this year for that phone and being rather impatient, I called up Orange and payed the early upgrade fee of around £100 in order to get a Samsung Galaxy S3.  Whilst I was on the phone ordering it, I asked the girl I was speaking to about 4G, as this was a big selling point for me.  She explained to me that once I received the phone I should call them back and they will transfer me to 4G.

So my phone arrived a couple of days later.  I called Orange and asked to be added to 4G.  I was told that as I’ve just started a new contract, I would have to pay almost £400 to end the contract early and start a new one on 4G!  When I explained what the girl who sold me the phone told me, they explained that there is no way she could do this without getting fired.  The guy also said he’d get her to call me the day after.  It is now 4 days later and I am still awaiting a phone call.

Every time I have upgraded my phone with Orange I have a problem.  The last time I e-mailed the executives office and managed to get it sorted quite reasonably, so I have tried again but as yet, I have not had a reply.  If I get no reply I will be speaking with OFCOM or the agency that deals with Orange for OFCOM.

It’s amazing how these liars repeatedly lie to get your money and then completely ignore promises to extract your hard earned cash.

4 thoughts on “Orange – Liars and Cheats

  1. Remember they do record calls, so you should be able to launch a complaint and have them listen to the recorded call. If you’re right then they will have no choice but to waive the fee and upgrade you to the contract you asked for. If not tell them you want to cancel it and go else where. If they say no then tell them to expect a letter from your solicitor =) Usually gets them in the right mood.

    I’ve done this with my electricity provider and I won since I asked for a proper meter (not pre-pay) and they said I could have it free. Then they said it would cost me £100 to which I complained saying I was told free. They listened to the call and I was indeed right. It took about 2-3 weeks but it got sorted.

  2. Yeah, I told them to listen to their recordings. I have a similar thing with Virgin 18 months or so back. My internet was disconnecting intermittently for about 6 months and I made dozens of calls which didn’t help. So I spoke to CISAS which is the agency that deals with OFCOM for Virgin and within a week I had perfect internet and they had refunded all internet charges I’d had since starting my contract, which was nice.

    It’s crazy what you need to do to get their attention.

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