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So yesterday I blogged about how I was going to start naming and shaming drivers that hack me off.  So I got all set up, got a camera ready to go for my drive home from work.  I drive about 50 miles a day just to get to work and back and I wasn’t disappointed with the selection of buffoons on the road.

My first post in this category goes to this imbecile.  I cannot stand people that hog lanes on the motorway, or any other road with more than one carriageway.  There is absolutely no need for it and changing lanes is not much trouble at all.  So, MOVE OVER!!!  If you’re not overtaking people, you should be in lane one.  If you’re sat in lane three for no reason then you are a complete moron and I hope your day is filled full of people that annoy the hell out of you.

Motorway Lane Hog

I got so much material on my way home last night, I might do a second post later today.  I didn’t even bother getting my camera ready to drive to work this morning as I got that much last night.

7 thoughts on “Motorway Lane Hogs | Moron Drivers

  1. You might hate me then, I middle lane hog because I’m sick of coming up to the back of people doing 55mph on the motorway every 300 yards, so I invented new rules.

    Lane 1: <70mph
    Lane 2: 70mph
    Lane 3: >70mph

    Anyone who has a problem with me doing 70mph in the middle lane, there is another lane there to overtake. Use it.

    I use cruise control on the motorway, so if you’re going too slow that’s not my fault. If you’re going too fast, that’s also not my fault. I’m not moving for you if you’re being impatient.


      • Hardly. These “rules” have worked fine for me for many years. Anyone overtaking me is breaking the law, so why should I care what they think so my middle lane hogging?

    • You have no way of telling if you are doing the exact speed limit. Your speedometer is never 100% correct so you yourself could be speeding to or could even be doing under the limit. There is no good reason for you hogging the middle lane other than you are lazy.

      People who overtake you that are doing above 70mph are breaking the law but it is also your responsibility to uphold the law too. You are legally required to keep left when the road ahead is clear and if there is a significant gap in traffic so you to drive in the left lane. You can’t pick and chose the laws you want to follow. If everyone used your logic then there would be no hope for humanity!

  2. If you are overtaking people or are about to overtake people, then the middle lane is fine. If you are sat in the middle lane on a 3 mile stretch with no other car in the 1st lane in sight, then I hope you forever develop an itch in a place you can’t reach.

    • Staying in the middle lane doing 70mph means that at least once in a mile I will overtake at least one person. If there is a huge stretch then yes I do pull into the first lane, but in rush hour I sit in the middle.

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