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Saturday night was works Christmas night out.  As it was over in Chester I decided I would get the train over as it was an open bar so I could have a drink.  This involved a change on the trains making two trains each way.

The cost of the tickets to get there and back was almost £20.  £20!!!  That’s double what it would have cost in petrol if I’d have drove, and my car guzzles fuel!

So I paid £20(!) to get herded onto several trains with far too many people.  Many of whom were drunk and abusive to other passengers that did not entertain them if they did not meet their entertainment needs.  That’s when the train eventually turned up.  Not one of the four departed on time.

The trains were dirty, I felt like disinfecting myself in a bath of Dettol when I got home.

I used to get 6 trains a day to get to an old job of mine and back, I remember it being bad but not this bad.  The past few weeks I’ve considered using trains for my commute to save petrol in the morning and so I could relax, even with all the moron drivers on the planet, driving my car is far more relaxing than putting up with the cattle wagon on rails.

Moron drivers, all is forgiven.  I shall be a lot more patient on the roads in future!

2 thoughts on “Moron Drivers | All Is Forgiven

  1. Take that back right now! Moron drivers cannot be forbidden, they’re just not quite as bad as the general public in a confined space!

  2. Not all John Edward Doyles mumble randomly, John. I’m one who sees quite a bit of order to things. I’m from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA and am on facebook if you feel bored and want some new ideas.

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