Drivers Really Hack Me Off

I’m normally quite a calm person, it takes a fair bit to get me annoyed, that is until I get behind a wheel.  Once I am driving, I turn into the world’s angriest person.  Every other driver becomes an instant idiot and really gets under my skin.

I have actually calmed down a little over the past few years.  I’ve learnt to deal with some of the things that used to annoy me and so managed to lower my blood pressure a few notches.

I could rant all day about all the things that get under my skin, but the main thing is driver etiquette.  People turn into completely different people once they have the protection of that metal box they’re in.  How many times a week do you get somebody cutting in ahead of you in a line of traffic?  A lot more than people jumping into a queue without the car I’d bet.  That’s what really gets me, this chunk of metal completely changes a persons personality from a civilized human being into a complete idiot.

So I’m going to start naming and shaming people that piss me off.  I have a camera ready to go, so I’m going to attempt to get photo’s to name and shame people and point out their complete ignorance behind a wheel.

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