Cup Final Day

Well, it’s the FA Cup final day and it will be a quiet one at home.  Little disappointed I’m not going to the pub to watch it, but screw it I don’t want to dwell on it and ruin my day.  I will be getting some beers and drinking at home.

The match, well.  Normally I get a feeling of confidence or worry, I don’t today.  I really don’t have a clue which way it will go.  Liverpool have been utterly disgraceful in the league this year, but have been pulling out our fingers for the cup games.  I’ve been saying for a couple of months that Dalglish has given up on the league this season.  He is just playing the games that will make the fans happy and to hell with the rest.

I am watching the ESPN coverage of it, which started around 8am this morning!  I started watching around 11am.  Rather random coverage, most of it garbage trying to fill the time.  They are probably trying to sell more commercial time to make up for them not showing commercial during the actual match, which will be an appreciated change!

I am looking forward to seeing the line-up.  Hopefully we will play like we want to win the whole game, and not just one half like the semi final vs Everton.  That was one hell of a second half.  I went down to that game and was sat above the goal where all three goals were scored.  What a day!  Crappy ESPN coverage that day decided to show the highlights at around 1500 when most fans were still stuck in the pissing car park trying to get out.  Great job guys!  But I downloaded the match and watched my own highlights.

Fingers crossed for the result, I will be unbearable to be around tonight if we lose.


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