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What is Big Ben Unsilenced All About?

Margaret Thatcher's funeral is going to cost the UK taxpayers £10,000,000. During a time when there are people in the country relying on foodbanks in order to feed their children, this is completely unacceptable.

Thatcher spent her last months living at The Ritz as she couldn't handle the stairs in her house, whilst there are regular people sleeping in armchairs in their cold living room unable to afford to put the heating on.

Let the Thatchers pay for the funeral themselves like every day-to-day person does.

I don't hate Thatcher, and I don't agree with all the parties and celebrations following her death, but neither do I agree with what she did and what she is still doing to this country. This is just my small way of protesting against the ridiculous hypocrisy of this government.

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